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Updating calendar entries in lotus notes

A time zone's offset from GMT changes when it enters and leaves daylight saving time.Share Point Server 2013’s User Profile Service Application includes a “new” method for performing an import of user attributes from Active Directory into the Share Point Profile store called Active Directory Import.Any existing calendar entry that falls outside the previous DST period will appear one hour off after the operating system has been patched with the updated time zone rules.For a general overview of actions to take, refer to "Steps to prepare Notes/Domino for Brazil Daylight Saving Time Change 2012".If you haven't already done so, we suggest you read Part 1 before reading this article.The Schedule Manager server task manages busytime for people, rooms, and resources.How do I get AWsync to start syncing again correctly or even update then continue correctly?

As with Part 1 of this series, you don't need to be a C&S expert to understand this article, although some familiarity with basic C&S functionality is helpful.

You may also hear or see this referred to as “AD Direct Mode” in pre-release materials.

This method provides numerous advantages over the Forefront Identity Manager based approach (which is still available, more on that at a later date) for certain common scenarios.

This article provides an introductory overview of the feature and why it might be useful in your deployments.

Please note that this article applies to the Share Point Server 2013 Preview release.

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The busytime database does not require any manual maintenance.