There seems to have been an error initializing or updating

Posted by / 24-Jan-2016 10:37

When attempting to use different features of the Infusionsoft Mobile application, the application may display various error messages.

The errors may appear when viewing recents or snapping business cards. Android phones may alternatively just show [UPLOAD FAILED] when errors happen during the card snap process.

You can report the issue with Tuneup using their online web form.

If you're not running an antivirus application or are sure it's not interfering with Dropbox, your Dropbox settings may be inaccessible.

Specifics:- Quicken for Windows 2017 Premier (R3) (US Version)- Same data file I've been using since 2006- Financial Institutions with issue (at least): - Alliant Credit Union (Multiple logins w/ multiple accounts each) - American Express (Multiple cards) - Chase - Discover - Health Equity - Lowe's Consumer Credit Card (Manually downloaded QFX file)In total it's 10 accounts I can confirm are affected. CTRL-ALT-U is just a shortcut to updating which I already stated that I have done, multiple times.

Telegram allows users to send and recieve messages, photos, secure conversations and other information and is considered an alternative to text messages or SMS.Tune Up Utilities (Windows) is also known to optimize your computer by uninstalling Dropbox.If you're running Tune Up, try disabling the application and reinstalling the Dropbox application.We are looking to have this issue resolved with the July Update, eta pm MST 7/5/2017 for the majority of the applications and 7/6/2017 am MST for APAC applications. We are seeing numerous locations in applications that are showing an error message stating " Input Stream used to populate this filebox object, and was subsequently used/closed".This may affect Campaign emails, accessing and sending single emails in a contact record, or opening content in campaigns, like HTTP posts.

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I've performed the following on multiple accounts:- Rest account (Account List Deactivate)- Multiple attempts to Update (all accounts, individual accounts)- Applied the mondo update There are no error codes or any other indication in the UI that there are any problems.