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He is the senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California, which has about 17,000 members, and was formerly the Greater Bethany Community Church.

Jones was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica on January 31, 1950.

The rumor mill was hard at work Monday over claims from an "inside" source that actress Lisa Raye Mc Coy is in a serious relationship with megachurch pastor Noel Jones, who leads The City of Refuge church in Gardena, Calif., and that the two were preparing to wed.

According to several online reports, Mc Coy and Jones have been in a serious relationship for a good while and were considering making it official.

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Noel Jones (born January 31, 1950) is an American minister.

His parents took him and his two siblings at the time, Chris and Grace, and relocated to Syracuse, New York in 1965.

Jones received the call to ministry at the age of 19. Jago High School and went on to attain a Bachelor of Science in Theology degree from Aenon Bible College.

He and his wife, Christy struggle to balance the traditions of their faith with what they feel God has called them to do; minister to everyone, and never judge a book by its cover.

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A Jamaican born into poverty, Bishop Noel Jones has made his way to the Bishop Noel Jones with his wife Loretta Of them all “They were concerned about the slippery slope – that if he came down on those guys, then in the future, someone might turn their sights on them. Unfortunately, no, despite the fact that Miss O'Donnell is a lovely woman.

He has recently revealed to the congregation that he knows the wife God has for him but that he needs to do some healing before he reveals her.

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Reports published online Monday indicate that Jones aspires to move beyond church ministry, and that Mc Coy is looking to pitch a reality program titled "Keeping Up With the Joneses." Fans reacted to the rumors on Twitter with speculation on how Mc Coy would be received at The City of Refuge as the "first lady." Ralph Rashad wrote: "So Lisa Raye is really with Noel Jones ????????

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